Our Thoughts on Insurance

We understand our patients’ desire to take advantage of benefits their employer has purchased on their behalf. Sometimes we see them disappointed when those benefits do not completely match their needs. We want to share with you what we have learned about dental insurance so you will have clear expectations from the start.

The benefits purchased for you were based on the amount your employer budgeted for buying insurance — not on your needs or the needs of others in the plan. No one from the insurance company checked your teeth or asked you what kind of dental health was important to you. That’s okay. That’s our job.

We want to assure you that in this practice we will always make recommendations based on what we believe to be the best for you; never on what your policy covers.

We will help you see what we see, as we see it. We’ll help you understand the existing conditions in your mouth, how they occurred, and what you can do about them. We’ll talk with you about options and help you understand the implications of choices you make. We want to work with you over time to help you achieve the level of health you desire for yourself.

Most of our patients tell us they want dentistry that is done right the first time. They want the longest lasting, most dependable, most comfortable, and most attractive dentistry they can have. That’s also what we see as the best and, in the long run, most economical dentistry.

We encourage you to look at dental insurance as an aid in achieving your goals. Dental insurance was never designed to pay for everything everyone in the plan might want; only to defer some of the cost of some of the treatment its customers might choose.

We have a lot of experience with dental insurance in our practice and we’re happy to share what we know with you. We’ll help you figure out what you’re entitled to, help you ask the appropriate questions of your benefits advisor, and help you get the most you are entitled to under your plan. We hope you will see us as a resource in helping you make healthy choices. We intend to be your dental practice for a very long time so your long term health is important to us.

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